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Modified - 4/6/21
Interview with Aria McLauchlan of LandCore
Interview with Aria McLauchlan of LandCoreSummary: When LandCore applied for an Invoking The Pause grant in January 2020, no one knew we were all on the cusp of a new world.
By Lisa Micheli, ITP Advisory Committee
While the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the group from coming together in Colorado and Utah as they had originally planned, LandCore was quick to adapt and created a series of online convenings that enabled them to include more partners, and go further in depth via conversations spaced out over the year, as opposed to over a few days. They also made a special commitment to get to know each other in between meetings, which deepened their relationships. Through these convenings, they were able to develop key questions and clear models that will move their soil health risk assessment work forward. New opportunities to partner with the agricultural finance sector and federal insurers are opening up, and there is increased political interest in soil health and carbon management via agriculture. LandCore reports that the seed money from Invoking the Pause allowed them to leverage 10x that amount in additional grant funding, which has raised their ability to pursue larger grants with other partners.
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