Zero Foodprint - 2022-2024 Climate Challenge Cohort

ZeroFoodprint.Logo.2020_Spruce_Cyan.pngZero Foodprint

Zero Foodprint is underway with a focused effort in Sonoma County including over $220,000 of carbon farming projects and dozens of meetings with County Supervisors, City officials, public agencies and local stakeholders. The long term goal of this effort and this grant request is to establish a Sonoma County Healthy Soils Program (SCHSP) by ordinance. This framework would appoint a Healthy Soils Commission (HSC) and then direct funds collected through a number of different collective action mechanisms to projects selected by the HSC.

This framework is modeled after Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) policy, such as the program overseen by Sonoma Clean Power, which is driving a rapid transition to renewable energy. Anecdotally, citizens are “improving the grid” with modest and seamless financial participation in the green energy program. The goal of Zero Foodprint and aligned stakeholders is to unlock collective action in the food and organic waste economies in Sonoma County to drive a rapid transition to regenerative agriculture.