The Constellation Project was created out of the question, “What are the spiritual implications of climate change?" that author and Harvard Divinity School Writer-In-Residence Terry Tempest Williams brought to Sam Myers, Principal Research Scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and founding Director of the Planetary Health Alliance.  Together through their various lenses of art, religion, and the science of planetary health they have organized Harvard-wide interdisciplinary programs and conversations between religious leaders, scientists, artists, and poets open to students the Harvard community and beyond. In partnership with The Constellation Project they will produce and publish “Climate Prayer Books.”   Three to four small books a year will be distributed to churches of all denominations, divinity schools, non-profit environmental and social justice organizations, alongside religious leaders, thought leaders and youth leaders within the global climate justice movement.

Each “prayer book” will contain a single powerful essay created by an invited writer who will address the climate crisis in a fresh and evocative way with illustrations by noted artists and photographers.  The essay featured would offer an idea, a story, a narrative poem, perhaps, to further the collective understanding and urgency surrounding climate justice, planetary health, and the spiritual implications of both through a lens of witness.

Science has not moved us.  Politics has divided us.  But testaments of personal witness bring us closer to the heart of the climate crisis and all that is at stake through first-hand accounts that touch our souls.  We become accountable for the knowledge that has been shared. These stories become the conscience of the community and inspire action. This has always been the alchemical and transformative power of storytellers.