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Wall_Street_Journal_logo.jpgFormer ITP Grant Partner Britta Riley is featured in The Wall Street Journal.  Need the perfect Christmas gift for the urban farmer?  Look no further than Windowfarms!
Read the full WSJ article here.

Watch your Windowfarm being made right now in upstate New York…

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Since we last alerted you to the manufacturing delay, we have been working with the factories and our fulfillment center to determine a new estimated timeline for Windowfarms delivery. Our new ship date is August 27. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!



Dear Backers,

It’s mid-March, spring is officially in the air, and we know that you’re eagerly awaiting the delivery of your Windowfarm!

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Britta Riley and her Windowfarms team update us on their progress since the close of their successful Kickstarter campaign.


Britta Riley


Watch the video of Windowfarm’s Britta Riley talk on R&DIY and how we bring together our community using open source platform.

Watch video here

Windowfarms Kickstarter new product

UPDATE – The Windowfarms Kickstarter goal has been surpassed and continues to grow! You still have until December 7th to back this project. Congratulations to Britta and the Windowfarms team.
A newly designed Windowfarms vertical food garden is available for order on the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects – Kickstarter. Visit the Kickstarter Windowfarm page before December 7th to back this project.

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Britta Riley grew up on a ranch in Texas, so after four years of living in a one-bedroom apartment overlooking an airshaft, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, she felt deprived of nature. She decided to try growing food indoors, and three years ago began reading about hydroponic systems.

Click here to read the full article in The New York Times.

Britta Vert
Britta Riley
of WindowFarms describes with lyrical prose her experience at the 2010 Grant Partner Convening of Invoking the Pause.

A paraphrased excerpt of her interview:  ”Being so focused on one’s work I haven’t had down time to process the full scope of the project. This convening was an opportunity to get in touch with our emotions. There is a lot of emotion that is driving our work and we don’t always get to acknowledge it.
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