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UnEP.pngShortly after the Paris climate conference the editor of Our Planet, the United Nations' flagship magazine on environment, asked ITP Grant Partner E2 to submit an article for a special issue on sustainable development to address the potential of clean energy jobs in the U.S. and elsewhere.  Nicole Lederer, Chair and Co-Founder of E2, writes of the importance of promoting the additive value of climate and clean energy policies at the global, national and state levels, and the benefits that accrue from these policies to the energy and economic security of people at every level of society.

Over the next several weeks, E2 plans to release some of the most comprehensive national and state clean energy jobs reports ever done, further validating the economic benefits of clean energy that touched on in this article.  Read the Our Planet article here.


Please view this brief video:  E2 at COP21
logo_E2.gifEnvironmental Entrepreneurs (E2) in Paris Update:
President Obama departs, negotiations begin and businesses continue to do their part
December 2, 2015

President Obama and other global leaders have left Paris after setting the stage for COP 21, leaving negotiators to get down to the nitty gritty of hammering out a global climate agreement.
As one U.S. official told me: "This is where the sausage making begins. Now through Saturday, there’s going to be a lot of people rolling up their sleeves and doing a lot of heavy diplomacy work."  » Read More

Posted - 12/01/2015
Notes from the Field: Paris COP21
Cop21.jpgE2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) in Paris Daily Update:  From the Huffington Post to the Wall Street Journal to the Eiffel Tower.

The most important climate conference in decades is officially underway in Paris – and E2 is there.  

More than a dozen E2 members and staff are in Paris or headed there now for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that runs through Dec. 11.
E2 members representing our organization hail from California and Massachusetts; from Colorado and Maryland, from Iowa and Missouri, and even from Canada. Together, they’re representing our entire organization from coast to coast and all in between. And they’re echoing business voices everywhere in demanding action on climate change from global leaders, for the good of our economy and the good of our environment. » Read More

Posted - 09/09/2014
E2 Clean Energy Jobs Report
E2 - Environmental Entrepreneurs Bob Keefe, E2 Executive Director, gives Invoking the Pause an update on their latest quarterly clean energy jobs report, which really illustrates how E2 continues to use what has become one of their signature advocacy tools to drive smart policies that will cut carbon pollution, increase renewable energy/energy efficiency and address climate change.
  » Read More

Gov_Iowa.jpgBy Nicole Lederer of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) 
E2 is a 2014 Invoking the Pause Grant Partner

This photo illustrates the remarkable impact of E2's ITP-sponsored retreat to Iowa.  Governor Branstad of Iowa has not been particularly focused on meeting with clean energy advocates, and many of our partner organizations had tried and failed to get in to his office.  But because we were able to rally a very compelling group of his own constituents, ... » Read More

E2 - Environmental Entrepreneurs Bob Keefe is the executive director of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2). Bob reflects on their recent "pause" and entwines us in the tapestry created by the coming together of such diverse participants.

The farmer, the warrior, the football player, the former small-town mayor, the entrepreneurs and the rest of us came together from every part of the country to the middle of the nation's heartland. Over two days, the differences between us faded away like green in the summertime corn.

Thanks to Invoking the Pause, we were all able to set aside precious time and focus for just a moment in our lives on one of the most simple, most important but most ignored components of good communications: Effectively telling our own stories.

What we quickly realized was that whether we come from the left, the right or the center of our country, our individual stories are powerful tools for advocacy for action on climate change. » Read More

E2 - Environmental EntrepreneursEnvironmental Entrepreneurs (E2) was founded on a contrarian idea - that business people would make the most effective advocates for the environment. 

Back in 2000 the common belief that we had to choose between the health of the planet and our economic prosperity was as widely accepted as it was illogical.  Who better to refute that premise than those with economic credentials - people who run companies and create jobs?  » Read More

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