Natural_History_Museum.pngThe Natural History Museum

The mission of The Natural History Museum of Not An Alternative is to connect and empower communities, scientists, and museums to address critical environmental and social challenges and build a more inclusive and just society. The Natural History Museum collaborates with artists, community groups, organizers, researchers, and educators to create new narratives about our shared history and future, with the goal of educating the public, measurably influencing public opinion, and inspiring collective action.  Part of the purpose of content and communication over the next 3 years is to help strengthen the environmental movement with more opportunities to learn from indigenous knowledge.  They will create an online/digital museum both for the public and as a resource for educators and advocates.  The Museum will launch, promote, and grow an online natural history ‘Uncollection’—so-called because objects and artifacts are presented without being extracted from community and location—an online exhibition of visuals, interpretive writing, and other interactive digital media created with our Indigenous community partners and other journalists, scholars, and documentarians.  Finally, they will produce new digital media projects about frameworks for relations to science and nature, community-led environmental struggles, and paths forward to address the climate emergency.