Blue Heart Labs

Blue_heart_labs.jpgThe duo of Lindley Mease, Senior Research Analyst at the Center for Ocean Solutions based at Stanford University's Woods Institute for the Environment, and Theo Gibbs-Plessl, Senior Design Strategist at Stanford ChangeLabs, will use the Invoking the Pause grant to explore, map and develop practical solutions to the challenges of climate displacement. Displacement is a complex systems probelm.  It will amplify inter- and intra-national feedback loops of conflict, psychosocial trauma, and consolidation of wealth, and it will affect those most vulnerable to climate change.  Domestic and international policies are silent on how to provide services, let alone long-term reparations for the climate displaced.

Lindley and Theo will spend three weeks mapping multiple solution pathways and then facilitate a three-day retreat in Northern California to critique and strengthen a final strategy to implement. The primary output will be a concrete proposal for developing and testing solutions to take to foundations and private donors.