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ARC_1.jpgAgile Resilient Communities (ARC) & Knowledge Ecology:interface (KE:i)
PROJECT NAME: A Pause to Explore Community Capabilities

At the heart of ARC and KE:i lies the insight that, in order to bridge the "hard" and the "soft" systems, any effective intervention within 'what' 'why' or 'how' things work needs to have both a clearly defined context and full participation from relevant stakeholders.

The two programs will participate in a 2.5 day retreat in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, grounded in the Sandy River Delta site of the Confluence Project to engage a diverse group of 10-15 visionary people in developing programs to promote local community resilience in the face of climate change. The event will start with a site tour and facilitated discussion to develop a common understanding of ecological resilience, followed by a pilot Agile Resilient Community group for which to develop parts of the Knowledge Ecology:interface. The goal of these programs is to help communities collectively see, understand and create local sustainable outcomes, as well as develop their capability to bounce forward resiliently when the inevitable shocks and changes alter those outcomes.