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2019 Seeding Possibilities Grant Partners
<em>2019 Seeding Possibilities</em> Grant Partners
These Grant Partners are building upon the seeded possibilities and the existing momentum which they have already cultivated.  The "Seeding Possibilities" grant will enable them to take their projects to the next level: 

  • 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea is a series of large-scale participatory performance events and durational video installations that engage the public in conversations around long-term thinking, human/non-human connection, embodiment, and sea-level rise. e project brings local and global audiences together to reconsider their contemporary relationship with the sea – as individuals, in communities, as a civilization, and as a species – ultimately contributing to a shift in public consciousness.  To date, 36.5 has been performed in Bass Harbor (Maine), Akumal Bay (Mexico), San Francisco Bay (California), the North Sea (Netherlands) and Bay of Bengal (Bangladesh). With each iteration, more people join in around the world. Plans are underway for Brazil and Kenya in 2019, New Zealand and New York City in 2020.
  • Rainforest Connection (RFCx) creates acoustic monitoring systems for those who wish to end illegal deforestation in real-time. RFCx will have a first-time project in Ecuador in the Choco reserve. 
  • TIMBY's This project will involve a system of security-upgrades to the TIMBY system, preparing it for launch in the US. using the Hackerone platform, (a group of ethical hackers that help groups identify vulnerabilities in their systems before they are exposed or lead to negative activity. It is the biggest cybersecurity firm of its kind) we’ll set a series of tasks and bonds for various vulnerabilities found and diagnosed. After the 2018 Gathering in Sonoma (and through follow-up conversations with other ITP grant partners), it’s clear that the TIMBY tools can be of great use to groups in the US working on climate issues. The major limitations at the moment are (a) bolstering security and (b) developing an iOs version of the mobile application. We are currently in conversation with a network of funders for the iOs application and this grant would give us a big head-start on security. We’ve currently got three partner groups that would help us test out the system in the US, including a first nations group fighting against big extractive industries (forestry/oil) bordering reserve land; a group working to increase the push-back area between oil drilling and communities in the Wilmington community of Los Angeles; and a group documenting the changing climate across the Arctic. As part of this project, we’ll open the TIMBY system to these groups.
  • ZeroFoodprint will move from a loosely knit team of advisors into a fully functional board. A first-time board convening will provide the opportunity for the founding team to be together to expand the vision to launch this new framework. The focus of the time together will be charting the course for ZeroFoodprint 2.0, including: long-term goals, board development, and growth strategy.  ZeroFoodprint will hold a 2-day board retreat in San Mateo County (home to two potential pilot sites for the “Soil Carbon Credits) during the summer of 2019.

Additional Grants:

  • As You Sow - Invoking The Pause will underwrite a graduate Fellow at Presidio Graduate School for a period of four months to work on developing the business case for the As You Sow Shareholder Empowerment Hub.
  • Human Impacts Institute to support a pilot run partnership with a public relations agency to promote programs and opportunities.
  • DreamRider Productions  Our initial focus will be to deliver the Planet Protector Academy in Palm Beach County this school year to build on the momentum from the pilot we did last year and the strong promotional support we're receiving from the school district. Our long-term goals for this partnership are to (a) seek County Government funding to sustain the program in future years, (b) use the implementation as a case study to expand further in Florida and (c) present the results at the Green Schools National Network conference in Spring 2021 to help get broader national exposure.