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2018 Grant Partner - Listen(n) Project
<em>2018 Grant Partner</em> - Listen(n) Project
The Listen(n) Project is grounded in the field of Acoustic Ecology which studies and documents the sounds of the environment. The Listen(n) team pursues questions about the role, function and perception of sound for a deeper understanding of place, presence, belonging and sustainability issues. Working in partnership with the Mojave Desert Land Trust, the Listen(n) project team will use their Invoking The Pause grant to create a working model for a community sound stewardship program, in which local residents of all ages and backgrounds are invited to take workshops with the team and then steward an area of the local desert through sonic journaling and recording into the future. The team has already established one of the largest online databases of surround sound field recordings in the world and plans to grow it further over the next decades through including field recordings made by park communities and visitors.