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2018 Grant Partner - Dream As One
<em>2018 Grant Partner</em> - Dream As One
Dream_as_one.jpgAn Invoking The Pause grant to Dream As One will bring together a climate scientist and a group of internationally recognized artists working in the public space for a week-long retreat. This collective shares the belief that the current approach to “solving” climate change, which involves eco-consumerism, statistics, and scare tactics is not resulting in deep climate change solutions or stronger communities. During their time together, Dream As One will begin formulating a visual manifesto that utilizes art, architecture, and public interventions to catalyze built environments that power themselves, cleanse themselves, transform waste, provide wildlife habitat, produce food, and enhance the lives of people. Through intensive group brainstorming, drawing, and writing, the team hopes to influence their own professional practices to better impact climate change, and also spur greater public imagination and unity around deep climate change solutions for the built environment.