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2018 Grant Partner - Beehive Collective
<em>2018 Grant Partner</em> - Beehive Collective

Beehive_Design_Coll_1.gifAn Invoking The Pause grant to the Beehive Design Collective will support a Spring and Summer fellowship program where young activists and artists will receive mentorship, training, and time and space to dream about how best to shift the Californian narrative towards climate justice. The focus will be on active solidarity, creative storytelling and community building, manifested through weaving together their personal stories of climate change injustice and action for the upcoming Beehive California poster and later taking action at the Global Climate Action Summit, taking place in September 2018 in San Francisco. The retreats will be held at Canticle Farm, a land-based urban oasis that will invite the fellows into deeper connection with the natural world and reimagination of the human/nature dichotomy. The ITP funding will support these two retreats needed to bring about this multifaceted effort, which will culminate in an array of creative interventions spanning spoken word, visual arts, and performance that breathe humanity and justice into the corporate-led Summit.