Grant Partners > 2018 Blossoming Possibilities Grants
2018 Blossoming Possibilities Grants
2018 Blossoming Possibilities Grants
These Grant Partners are building upon the seeded possibilities existing which they have already cultivated and are cross-collaborating to take their momentum to the next level with a Blossoming Possibilities Grant:

Global Climate Action Summit Speaker Series:

The GCAS Speaker Series is a series of lectures and workshops at the Presidio during the same dates as the Climate Action Summit in the Officer's Club on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 and for all day Friday September 14.  VIEW THE SPEAKER VIDEOS HERE.  The Presidio is a historic and unique venue located in one of the most spectacular city-scapes in the world. This venue will provide a wonderful and exciting location for our proposed workshops and generate a vibrant atmosphere for an energetic gathering.

The intent is to gather, stimulate, and provide additional information on near, mid and long-term responses to the challenges of addressing and mitigating climate change.  The intended audience will be organizations and individuals, many of whom already have a lengthy engagement in the discussion and implementation of climate solutions and are interested in greater opportunities for participation. 

Mark Schapiro's book investigating who controls the seeds we need to deal with climatic disruptions in our food growing lands published this September by Skyhorse Publishing. The title: SEEDS OF RESISTANCE: The Fight to Save Our Food Supply

This project included a number of simultaneous collaborations that will  elevate and multiply the underlying message of the book—that dominion over our seeds, the most primal ingredient of life on earth, must remain with farmers to help us navigate the turbulent times ahead. The book reveals how climate disruptions are shining a harsh light on the vulnerabilities of the industrial agriculture status quo. The book explores the implications for our food security of converging forces: Just as the conditions for growing food are changing profoundly, control over our seeds is being consolidated into the hands of just three multinational chemical companies, while a rising global movement is defying this trend to reassert dominion and autonomy over our seeds. And the science continues to accumulate suggesting that more organically rich and diverse agriculture is far more regenerative to soil and is far more resilient to shifting conditions, as well as being healthier to eat. All these themes intersect profoundly with larger political, economic and ecological forces that are shaping our food system—Now is a historic moment in which the high volatility suggests a potentially transformative time of change.

The proposed Human Impacts Hub will sustain a coworking, co-creating and gallery space for twelve months supporting twelve artists and small organizations working in the intersection of art, our environment, and social justice. We will require specific commitments from each of the twelve artist residents.