Grant Partners > 2017 Seeding Possibilities Grants (click here)
2017 Seeding Possibilities Grants (click here)
<em>2017</em> Seeding Possibilities Grants (click here)
These Grant Partners are building upon the seeded possibilities and the existing momentum which they have already cultivated.  The "Seeding Possibilities" grant will enable them to take their projects to the next level:

  • As You Sow - Danielle Fugure, Sarah Milne:  To bring our shareholder voice in targeted ways into the policy arena where it might influence change at the local or state levels. To work with new colleagues, combining forces in ways that strengthen our collective cause, explore new coalitions, and crucially, hone our arguments, data, and conclusions into a compelling, persuasive presentation; rehearse and rewrite the presentation to achieve its best possible effect on non-investor audiences; and to make the argument, in person, to influential actors in and beyond the financial community, that investing in fossil fuels is a bad idea for communities, for the economy, and for the climate.
  • Blue Heart Labs - Lindley Mease:  Develop workshop programming for Bay Area company employees to learn about, engage with, and give to local climate justice movement-building efforts in hopes of transforming participating employees’ understanding of how social change occurs and their role in supporting those movements through their philanthropic giving.
  • Cittaslow USA - S. Loren Cole:  To develop a detailed Cittaslow Operations Manual. The manual will provide specific guidelines, instructions, templates, articles, materials and techniques for implementing and operating a Cittaslow affiliated organization.  This manual, when completed and available, will help ensure each city has the resources and support they need to slow the pace of their Cittaslow affiliated town.
  • DreamRider Productions - Vanessa LaBourdais: Support the implementation of the U.S. pilot of the digital climate action program for kids, Planet Protector Academy: Keep Cool. This is a significant step forward for the company, towards the overarching goal of scaling the PPA as widely as possible throughout North America and beyond.  We will spend some time in contemplation, plan next steps for the full U.S. launch in 2017-18, and manage the company’s fast-paced growth healthily and effectively.
  • Impact Hours - Tara DePorte:  Impacts Hours are podcast, in-person, salon style events, and online discussion with great thinkers, doers, and creators. Responding to both surveys with numerous partners in climate and social justice world, as well as the ITP family, this series will focus on developing skills and expanding resources to amplify our collective work and movement.  A series of five Impacts Hours will explore: Engagement, Communication, Collaboration, Action, and Impact. All events will be held at the Brooklyn Art Library and streamed live through YouTube Live for people around the world to participate in the conversation.
  • Rainforest Connection - Topher White, Dave Grenell:  Create a plan and roadmap for turning the Tembe Indigenous Reserve in Northern Brazil into the second indigenous carbon project in Brazil that can be shared and used to generate funding towards the project. Scope and Integration Plan for developing the Tembe Carbon Fund and create the key partnerships to do so to help create a pathway to raise funds (up to 400K) that will end with selling carbon credits on 2019.