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2016 Seeding Possibilities
2016 Seeding Possibilities

These Grant Partners are building upon the seeded possibilities and the existing momentum which they have already cultivated.  The Seeding Possibilities grant will enable them to take their projects to the next level:

  • Bureau of Linguistical Reality - Heidi Quante & Alicia Escott:  The team will use time to pause, reflect and pursue the many new relationships and ideas generated from their pause in Paris.
  • Dancing Without Borders - Magalie Bonneau:  This project will communicate the vision of a 100% renewable energy future through an aspirational series of dance spectacles turned into a short video, with an aim to cement 100% Renewable Energy as a core political and media narrative of the next Climate Negotiation. This will act as the pilot project of a 3-year global communication campaign that will peak at the next critical international political moment in 2018, mobilizing millions around the world to demonstrate their commitment to a 100% renewable energy future by leveraging the power of dance, street art, social media, public demonstration and filmmaking.
  • HighWaterLine - Eve Mosher & Heidi Quante:  To complete “HighWaterLine A Guide to Creative Community Engagement.” This guide will act as a resource for communities seeking to realize their own regionally appropriate HighWaterLine. Additionally, the Guide will provide resources that can inform and guide other projects which seek to thoughtfully engage communities in challenging issues. The Community Guide is the free and open source version of how to create a deeply public engaged HighWaterLine. It will cover the history of the project, as well as define the various steps needed to create the involved project from start to finish.
  • Rainforest Connection - Dave Grenell & Kristin Coates:  Taking their real-time mobile alert technology to Ecuador to protect the Cerro Blanco Reserve, a rare Amazonian Rainforest in Ecuador.  Kristin Coates joins the team to help develop strategy for future growth.
  • SustainUS - Daniel Jubelirer & Morgan Curtis - Support SustainUS participation in COP22 Morocco