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ITP Grant Partners - Human Impacts Institute and Winters Past - collaborated on a "Blossoming Possibilities" project this past August.  READ_MORE

Posted - 05/06/2015
What is a SoundWalk?
artworks_000105635557_6h7opm_t200x200.jpgJosie Holtzman and Isaac Kestenbaum’s project Winters Past released a new audio work last month entitled “Alaska” at Liminal Projects in Williamsburg. Their audio project is mentioned in a recent article - What is a SoundWalk? 
Alaska_Teaser_1.jpgITP Grant Partners Isaac Kestenbaum and Josie Hotzman of Winters Past make the trek to Alaska to document the impact climate change is having on the 49th state's 'first frontier'.

Alaska's license plates proclaim their state "the last frontier."  But because it's so far north, Alaska is actually now on the first frontier—of climate change.  The poles are warming at a greater rate than the rest of the planet, an effect known as Arctic or Polar Amplification.  
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Posted - 02/25/2014
Winters Past Featured on Grist
Winterspast.png Isaac Kestenbaum and Josie Holtzman, the team behind Winters Past, bring the sounds of a changing winter season to life with their series of podcasts.  Their distinctive "soundwalks" were recently experienced on Grist, an environmental blog site with a goal to get people talking, thinking and taking action. Read the article here.

Winterspast.pngThe next in the series of experiential audio pieces from Winters Past: Iceboxes and Endless Chains....

Winterspast.png An ice yacht is a sailboat on skates that travels 80 miles per hour. They were once the fastest vehicles on the planet.  Winters Past is a project that collects stories of the way that winters used to be, and brings these stories to life with audio soundwalks—meaning they should be heard outside, while walking. Read the full article here.

Posted - 10/17/2013
Winters Past Website Launch
Winterspast.pngAfter a summer spent  collecting interviews, we're ready to show our project, Winters Past, to the world.  We're happy to say that our website,, is now online.  We spent a lot of time thinking about the design behind the site, and it's really helped us hone in on what we want the "message" of our undertaking to be. The project is meant to celebrate winter, while at the same time mourning the way that winter will be forever altered due to climate change.  We hope that both our icon and our logo convey that something is being lost, something is fading away. » Read More

snowflakes_macro_04_1.jpgWinters Past is an audio project from the collaborative team of Isaac Kestenbaum and Josie Holtzman.  They will use soundwalks and podcasts during the 2013-14 New England winter to create a sensory experience to preserve the memory of what winter once was. 

What does winter mean to you?  That's the question we've been posing to most of the people we interview.  I have been amazed by the responses this question has elicited.  One woman spoke about how much she enjoys the experience of being cold—and the small joy that is coming in from the outdoors and warming oneself by a hearth.  We've heard memories of sledding, ice skating and even ice sailing. » Read More

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