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PMNA_FINAL_LOGO2.pngFormer ITP Grant Partner Trathen Heckman, founder of, featured in Permaculture North America Magazine.  {READ_HERE}

Posted - 05/21/2014
ITP Connects!
connected.jpgWe are always interested in whether our growing ITP family stays connected outside of our annual Fall Gathering and love when our Grant Partners share that story when it takes place.  ITP Grant Partners Joshua Fouts and Trathen Heckman, who first met at the gathering in Fall of 2013, reconnected at a TRCC (Thriving Resilient Communities Coalition) gathering in March... » Read More

Trathen_2_1.jpgAs I was bundling up some of the season's highlights of our ITP collaboration yesterday, I came across a resonant article titled "Are You Humbitious Enough To Lead?"  Humbitious being defined as an approach to leadership with equal parts humility and ambition.  Sitting at 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide emissions in our air for the first time in human history, we need both great gads of ambition and a large dose of humility to address our climate crisis. 
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spot_light_hi.png Invoking the Pause recently had the chance to talk with 2012 ITP Grant Partner and "Seeding Possibilities" grant recipient, Trathen Heckman.  Trathen is the founder and Executive Director of Daily Acts, the Board President of Transition U.S., and a backyard farmer. To register for Daily Acts 350 Home & Garden Challenge please click here.
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Posted - 10/09/2012
May the Pause be With You
Unknown_4.jpeg Last week members of Daily Acts Organization (DAO), Ecology of Leadership (EOL), Transition US (TUS) and an independent filmmaker took a pause from busy lives. In a beautiful setting in rural California we reviewed our programs, skills, audiences and interests in the light of synergies, leverage and potential. We surprised ourselves with the richness of the possibilities and the natural fit of many seemingly different pieces. Ordering and reordering, prioritizing and rolling out timelines - in effect, we sizzled. Excitement grew, respect landed and new programs came to light.  

In five days we were able to achieve a year's worth of meetings. » Read More


In preparation for our September ITP  ‘pause’, the seven collaborators for “Inner Transition” have been heartily engaged in conference calls, individual check-ins and a ½ day meeting to deepen existing relationships and establish new ones.  Given the size of our collaboration, at our recent half-day planning meeting we honed in on the vision for our retreat and thought through best strategies for our Retreat time together. One theme that emerged was in engaging the creative tension between both taking time to pause and see what emerges, while also honoring our desire to fulfill our near term objectives.
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