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Posted - 03/14/2019
Seeds of Resistance Website
seeds_of_resistance.jpgBy Mark Schapiro - Many of you know that I’ve spent the last several years reporting and writing a book on the fight over control of the world’s seeds--the ground-zero ingredient of our food. I’ve appreciated many of your kind comments since it was published.

I’ve been struck at times over these several months that when I mention the book--Seeds of Resistance: The Fight for Our Food Supply—people’s response is often something along the lines of, “Oh, it’s about Monsanto, right?” And yes, I investigated Monsanto. and how the agri-chemical companies are trying to monopolize the global seed trade. But I’ve resisted letting any chemical company monopolize the seed story the way they’ve attempted to monopolize the seed industry. » Read More

seeds_of_resistance.jpgITP Grant Partner and investigative journalist, Mark Schapiro, has a new website and blog to write and report on the health of our food system—starting with the ground zero ingredient, seeds. His site, birthed from his new book "Seeds of Resistance", is a place to continue exploring issues around seeds--climate--political/economic influences on agriculture, and of course the movement that is rapidly expanding to defy the industrial model. Here’s installment one (new blog): Hope you find it of interest. 
Pacific_standard_logo.pngFrom ITP Grant Partner, Mark Schapiro:

Hi friends and colleagues,

In the week before President Trump abandoned the Paris climate agreement, the fossil fuel companies that had once supported the administration in a groundbreaking lawsuit jumped ship, afraid of being forced to reveal key documents.  Now the Trump administration has been maneuvered into a legal corner. My story on how this legal challenge could be much harder to dodge than even the Paris climate accord. Hope you find of interest. Its here, in Pacific Standard

pacific_standard_logo.pngPlease read current ITP Grant Partner and author, Mark Schapiro's recent article "The Unique Burden of Covering Climate Change in the Middle East" published online on Pacific Standard magazine.
ITP Grant Partner Mark Schapiro in NewsweekRead article here.
 newsweek_logo.pngITP Grant Partner Mark Schapiro's article on reveals the roles cities play in climate-related disruptions. 
Read the full article here. 
dino.jpgHow wonderful to see one ITP Grant Partner Mark Schapiro's article in Mother Jones about financial troubles in the oil industry quoting another ITP Grant Partner Danielle Fugere, president of As You Sow!!  What incredible synergy and "ROR" (Return on Relationship) since meeting at last year's ITP Grant Partner Gathering!! 
Building muscles
for wrestling
with the chaos to come

Walking through an organic farm one summer afternoon in Sonoma, Brock Larmer, the man who planted the kale and the cabbage, the tomatoes, onions, and other crops turned to us, laughed, and asked, "How would you feel if someone described their marriage as 'sustainable'?" We chuckled, uncertain where he was headed. "Resilient," he laughed, "that's the word you'd want." » Read More


Brewing for millenia,
millions of micro-organisms,
a diverse soup to counter climate change.

(Photo Courtesy of Peter Cunningham)

Recent studies by neurologists and others suggest a serious disconnect between the broad scientific consensus around climate change and the public's perception of the problem. (See fellow ITP Grant Partner Nicole Heller's work.) The accumulating weight of the data seems to have little impact corollary with the public's acceptance of the findings.

What we have hoped to do with our ITP project is to find new methods for delivering the news.  We supplement traditional story-telling strategies with a new multi-layered language of visual imagery, associative lyrics and journalism.  We aim to lure the audience into an emotional response with free association and humor, then appeal to their sense of logic.
                                                                                                             » Read More

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