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Invoking the Pause Advisory Committee member Lisa Micheli
has been honored by Bay Nature Institute as the 2018 Environmental Education Local Hero. Read the announcement article here.

Lisa Micheli, Ph.D., (ITP Advisory Committee) is the president and CEO of the Pepperwood Foundation, which aims to advance science-based conservation through the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Micheli facilitates the Terrestrial Biodiversity Climate Change Collaborative, a grantee through the Moore Foundation's San Francisco Bay Area program. Here, she discusses her role as a conduit between local landowners and researchers addressing the relationships between climate, water and life in the ecosystems of California. Read more

The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) is the initiative launched at the White House on 9/22 that the Sonoma County Climate Resilience Team was invited to that included Pepperwood Preserve.  ITP Advisory Committee member Lisa Micheli is the Executive Director of Pepperwood and helped design and finalize the PREP web platform.

For fact sheets and the links to the White House PREP site, including the Sonoma County Climate Resilience Dashboard, » Read More

An interview with Invoking the Pause Advisory Committee member and inaugural Grant Partner Lisa Micheli, President and CEO of Pepperwood Preserve. Read here.

Iswitzer_logo.pngn 2007 a chance conversation between Maggie Kaplan, Executive Director of Invoking the Pause (ITP) and Lisa Micheli Ph. D., Executive Director of Pepperwood Preserve, was the genesis of  Invoking the Pause  and its pilot program, "At the Water's Edge," was a benchmark moment in Micheli's career. » Read More

Lisa Micheli of Pepperwood Preserve
is interviewed in KQED Radio's 'The California Report'.  This recently distributed broadcast reflects on the changing face of the Bay Area's landscape due to climate change. See the full article and hear the broadcast here.

kqed_science.jpgFormer ITP Grant Partner and Executive Director of  Pepperwood Preserve, Lisa Micheli has been interviewed in this recent KQED Science piece focusing on warming climate impacts on Bay Area open spaces and our ecosystem:

By the end of the century, the Bay Area's landscape could look more like Southern California's, raising tough questions for land managers trying to preserve the region's protected lands. MORE

Please read the latest blog post by ITP Pilot Program Grant Partner and Advisory Committee member, and Executive Director of Pepperwood Preserve, Dr. Lisa Micheli.

Read post here.

Pepperwood Preserve Landscape photo
Pepperwood Preserve is an ecological institute that is  dedicated to educating, engaging and inspiring our community through science. We are a 3,200 acre reserve, home to over 900 species that are native to our region. “ –Lisa Micheli, Executive Director

Lisa Micheli, Ph.D., came to Invoking the Pause as part of our 2007 Pilot Program for our inaugural grant, “At The Water's Edge.”  She is a Switzer Foundation Fellow and Pepperwood Preserve is a Research Affiliate of the California Academy of Sciences.
Pepperwood Preserve (est. 1979) is a nature preserve located at the southern end of California’s North Coast Ranges. The preserve rests between the world-renowned Sonoma and Napa Valleys, the majestic Mayacamas Mountains rise above San Francisco Bay and stretch northward past Calistoga to the east and Santa Rosa to the west.

Here, across from Mt. St. Helena, near the divide of the watersheds of the Napa and Russian rivers, Pepperwood Preserve protects a 3117-acre zone of stunning landscape and rich biodiversity.

The YouTube Video below takes you on a journey of the purpose and principles of Pepperwood Preserve. Click on the image below to go directly to the video.

Pepperwood Preserve video

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