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5S7A0023_1.JPGInvoking the Pause’s Multi-generational Commitment to Community

In October 2011, I had the life-changing opportunity to meet Maggie Kaplan, the creator of Invoking the Pause, at a lunch following a plenary keynote speech I had just given at the Bioneers Annual Summit.  That fateful day my life was about to be singularly and profoundly transformed by a conversation about collaboration. » Read More

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Posted - 05/21/2014
ITP Connects!
connected.jpgWe are always interested in whether our growing ITP family stays connected outside of our annual Fall Gathering and love when our Grant Partners share that story when it takes place.  ITP Grant Partners Joshua Fouts and Trathen Heckman, who first met at the gathering in Fall of 2013, reconnected at a TRCC (Thriving Resilient Communities Coalition) gathering in March... » Read More

Logo_1.jpgThe climate change issue has followed a trend that has resulted in an increased attention on the importance of cultural values, sacred ancestors, protection and preservation of customs and cosmology, passed through the centuries.
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Joshua Fouts update us on the latest with his 2013 project to develop a climate change educational iPhone app.  In more recent news, Invoking the Pause has just recently awarded sisters Erica and Elaine Paiva a 2014 grant to continue to develop this app and take it to the next level. » Read More

Invoking the Pause is so proud that one of our recent Grant Partners, Joshua S. Fouts, has been selected as the new Executive Director of Bioneers, an organization with whom we share great kinship.

Due to his Invoking the Pause grants, Joshua met with the Ashaninka people, a tribe of indigenous people in the Brazilian Amazon, conducting research to build an app about the impact of climate disruption.  This project helped cement his relationship with Bioneers. » Read More

Joshua Fouts shares his project, Expandan educational iPhone app for climate change - with fellow Grant Partners at the October 2013 Invoking the Pause Grant Partner Gathering in San Francisco. Watch the video.



Among the principles of our work in the development of our "Seeding Possibilities" educational iPhone app is a desire to enhance interest and understanding of scientific research to increase youth interest in and enthusiasm for the study of science.

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Joshua_FoutsWhen Maggie Kaplan (the Founder and Executive Director of Invoking the Pause) and I discussed the possibility that I create an app about Climate Change for my ITP "Seeding Possibilities" second grant, I saw an opportunity for synergy -- synergy between the community I lived with during my Pause and the opportunity to express and explore the impact of Climate Change in a novel way using an iPhone or iPad as a platform.  We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to develop this project. 

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