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On a beautiful weekend in Carmel Valley, California, we came together to reflect on and discuss Change to Climate (C2C). With the inspiration of invoking the pause, the schedule of the weekend was a sound interplay of reflections, meditations, coffee, project visioning, nature walks and collective thinking.

The people involved were Bodhi Garrett, Erik Rogers, Lena Bumiller, Lilia Villa and Meghan Thomas. Together they formed a group of fellow visionaries with different backgrounds and skills, ready to face the challenges of our time. » Read More

Earth, wind, and water - falling sky, rising river, and shaky ground  Windstorm_1.jpg

Over the last few months, I unexpectedly found myself in the midst of a series of natural disasters - a flood, a windstorm, and the  aftermath of an earthquake. 

Two of these took place in my current hometown - a small village in Southern Thailand where the annual monsoon arrived with unheralded intensity; bringing a windstorm stronger than any local could remember.  The fiercest gust of wind lasted only 30 seconds, but was powerful enough to devastate acres of old-growth forest and destroy my next-door neighbor's house.  Giant trees came crashing down everywhere, vines and branches propelled outward like shrapnel, leaving giant craters in the ground where the roots had been.  Amazingly, no one was hurt, and after a display of such intense power, the skies cleared and the sun came out. » Read More

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