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Posted - 11/03/2020
As You Sow: Carbon Report Card

ITP Grant Partner, As You Sow, gives an update on their 2020 project: Activating The Nations 401(k)s.  Read it here.

ITP Grant Partner, As You Sow, earned Fast Company’s prestigious World Changing Ideas Impact Investing Award for their "Invest Your Values" free online tools.  Read more here.  
From ITP Grant Partner, As You Sow:
Good news is in short supply these days – it certainly doesn’t make the headlines. So we thought you’d appreciate hearing about some of the commitments industry leaders have made to As You Sow already this year. We may be working from home, but we’re still pushing companies to improve their practices, for the benefit of all.  » Read More

After As You Sow Dialogue, Starbucks Signals Intent to Move from Single-Use Cups and Plastics to Reusable Packaging.

"Thank you, ITP.  AYS worked hard to get Starbucks to this place -- and ITP's support has helped pave the way!  Thanks also to all of the ITP partners for their work educating, inspiring, dancing, protesting, creating, pushing, asking, and otherwise helping to bring change and light to the world."  Danielle Fugere, President, As You Sow


ITP Grant Partner, As You Sow, makes progress on the overuse of pesticides.  Read more here.

Posted - 10/29/2018
As You Sow Takes a True Pause

image006.jpgWe have completed our Pause, with much gratitude to Maggie Kaplan and Invoking the Pause.

As You Sow:  We are the nation's leading non-profit practitioner of shareholder advocacy. Corporations are responsible for most of the pressing social and environmental problems we face today — we believe corporations must be part of the solutions. We know shareholders to be a powerful force for creating positive, lasting change in corporate behavior. We use that power, to create that change.

Our Pause: After working productively and joyously with ITP through several grants, this year we applied for a literal Pause. We had found ourselves particularly drawn to Invoking the Pause's governing idea - a creative pause - a reflective retreat - an intentional break from daily routines in a place of natural beauty, to reflect upon and think more deeply about some aspect of the climate challenges we are confronting.  » Read More

Posted - 02/27/2018
McDonalds to Ban Foam Packaging
ITP Grant Partner, As You Sow - actions once again provide results.  A momentous decision by the giant brand.  Read more here.

Posted - 11/03/2017
As You Sow in New York Times
New_York_Times_logo.jpgSign of the Times
Can your money shrink your carbon footprint? The New York Times explored the ways that investors can support sustainability with their money, featuring ITP Grant Partner As You Sow's work on Fossil Free Funds. If you haven't been to Fossil Free Funds yet, check it out! You have more power over where your money goes than you know.
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